Due to the large increase in popularity of the WV Campervans for Weddings this year, we thought that it would be interesting to share information about this trend and give some inspiration to future brides.

Every girl, who has dreamed since her early years about her wedding, has an ideal style of wedding in mind, and we have observed that every time, more often the future brides want a hippy, bohemian or rustic style for their big day. This style has evolved  jointly with fashion, where in the recent years predominates with the vintage aesthetic and a renewed air that makes it a unique, original and cool style without neglecting the minimum detail.

This style usually means handmade elements, nature at its centre with big protagonist of the floral arrangements, organic and earthy textures, soft palettes and candles or lanterns for the decoration giving a beautiful finishing touch to the ‘simplicity’ of the details.

Boho Wedding decoration


A place surrounded by countryside with a rustic feel would be the perfect venue, therefore West Sussex’s Brides are really lucky, because our county has several stunning countryside areas with gorgeous landscapes ready to hold weddings with a hippy chic touch.

Bohemian Wedding Decoration


Wedding Table


Most of these weddings are unique due to the decorations which are used, frequently we can see DIY elements made with wood, flowers, feathers, candles, natural fabrics,…you can adapt every single detail to your own style and make your wedding only yours.

You can sprinkle the theme across all the details of the Wedding, in both the ceremony and the reception.

Bohemian Wedding ceremony


Bohemian Wedding decoration



On the tables again flowers and candles and you can add a cool touch with vintage plates and cutlery with different colours, shapes and sizes.

Table Decoration


Table Decoration


The cake, other detail to remind, decorated with edible flowers or forest fruit.

Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake


One of the most important things for the Bride is ‘the dress’, always with a hippy, romantic and vintage essence, made with light fabrics and sometimes with guipure or lace appliques. Accompanied by relaxed hairstyles adorned with flower crowns and precious headbands to give the last touch. Definitely nothing to do in the classical style.

Bohemian Style


Bohemian Bride


Finally, another unforgettable thing, probably more interesting for the groom, is the Wedding Car. Although we think that you can personalize and adapt all the details to build your special day, and there is nothing set in a matter of taste, including your Wedding Car, it is true that there are cars which match better with one style than with others. The car gives you the last spectacular staging to make all the heads turn as your arrive.

Campervan Wedding Car


Wedding Car


For the trend that we were talking about with this post, we propose an original car with personality, something different to the traditional and classical style.

The VW Campervan is a perfect option and has an undoubtable hippie aesthetic. It is increasing in popularity this year, because is a really unique way to arrive at your Wedding with the value added of the space and you can bring your bridesmaids, mother, father or all of them! BPS Wedding Cars have two beautiful completely refurbished VW Campervans available for this 2015.

‘Clover’, the pistachio & cream 1964 and ‘Anni’, the blaze orange & cream 1972 Bay

BPS Campervans

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BPS Campervan

The inside of our VW Campervans

But the Campervans are not the only option, the Morris Minor Convertible is another excellent alternative with a strong personality and a truly cool style that counts with a high popularity as well, this car is marvellous choice especially for a summer wedding, when you can use the convertible top down and became you the absolute protagonist of the road.

BPS Morris Minor

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Inside Morris Minor

The inside of our Morris Minor

This is all for this post, we hope we have inspired you and enjoy with the post, we will come back with other styles and with the reviews of our Weddings as soon as possible.

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